SBS Who Do You Think You Are?: Face

Exploring genealogy.

Advertising Agency: RazorJunior, Sydney, Australia
Creative Director / Art Director: Josh Moore
Copywriter: Nigel Clark
Photographer: Andreas Smetana
Agency Producer: Danielle Solden
Retoucher: Electric Art


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Reminds a poster from Lord of War.

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

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This is creepily intriguing for geneology. It makes me think,"like the dust of the earth in multitude".

Good use of the tiresome bodies/body parts retouched into nouns genre.

Totally connected.

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and people looks like fallen souls. Its far away from genealogy.

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

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It would be safe to say a few fallen souls are in YOUR woodpile. I see the gene pool's working for you.

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so, so, so, so done!!!!! what's is going on? i mean, people is trying to make good work with old ideas and old resources, and think that the art direction will save the final product. cooome oooon!!!
besides, this looks so creepy, and makes me feel seek.
don't like at all.


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i think this is really good.....old or otherwise!

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capton john
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Think, Act, Invent.

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i respect the effort behind creating this.. but to me it feels incomplete.. maybe text wise..

| Everartz |

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Great artwork. But it's not creative. Some many times done.

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Looks like Gene Simmons

... its already been done...

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rather interesting

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i have seen this type of art so many times in so many campaign
looks like a painting of my teacher

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Luis Maram
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Nice art direction but zero innovation. It has been done several times... and is creepy for genealogy; so the message is mistaken.

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Well I've never seen anything like it. Kinda creepy though...

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Dick Huges
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done with a brain. now is the face. next one will be the whole body.

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But has it been done for genealogy?

Creating images out of other images has been done for centuries.

Creepy or not, this particular ad takes it to a different level. There's actually a reason for using millions of bodies, naked at that, to show someone's lineage. The creep factor makes it that much more philosophical.

This "done" rhetoric is getting old.

It would be so much more interesting to hear why you don't like it, or in the very least, show your examples.

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edit: double post

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Probably the worst ad I've ever seen. This is painfully bad. Is this even an agency? The people behind this should not be allowed to call themselves creatives.

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An Ad that actually sustains an impact long after I have turned away.

Like it or not it works, oh & I do like it – I'm not sure why just yet though, once the nausea subsides I might work it out.

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Tyger. You shouldn't slag something without giving reasons. Even though it may be a recycled idea the purpose behind it is to grab the attention of the consumer and do something a little different. I think for what it is, it is succesful and entertaining.
Tyger, you are a peanut.

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Most of these negative comments are silly. The ad is supposed to provoke serious thought. If you're probably wasting time being offended and disgusted, it clearly wasn't made for you.

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It is fascinating.

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