SBS TV: Ron Barassi

The fascinating lives behind Ron Barassi. Who do you think you are?

Advertising Agency: US Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Josh Moore
Art Director: Tim Chenery
Illustrators: Ross Murray, Scott Tansley
Photographer: Brent Daniels
Copywriter: Giuliana De Felice
Producer: Jeff Edwards
Account Manager: Nathan Bell


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I don't get it.. Who's he?

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You dont know Ron Barassi???? Men, don't joke... You really don't know him???? :)


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A stranger abroad
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There's no reason for anyone outside of Australia to know who he is. And maybe Ireland. Heck, I bet there are folks in Sydney and Queensland that don't. They don't give a rat's about AFL.

To the poster above, he is famous in Australia as a AFL (Australian Rules Football) player and coach. So he world famous in Australia. Or at least Victoria and SA.

You don't need to know who he is to get the ad, but you do need to know the TV show takes celebs on a journey through their family trees, tracing their family histories as far back as surviving records allow. It is an Aussie version of a similar Brit show, and can be quite good viewing.

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I've seen these dolls things a million times.

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no, please, not another ad with mamushkas

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