SBA airlines: Windows, 4

Advertising Agency: Nölck Red America, Venezuela
Creative Executive Director: Alonso Junior
Creative Directors: Eduardo Sepúlveda
Art Directors: Eduardo Sepúlveda, Luis Alejandro Dos Santos
Copywriters: Richard Lara, Christian Tufano
Photographer: Pedro Primavera

January 2009


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shouldent i see clowds on those windows??

eldeadevis's picture
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I agree! If what this ad is tying to say is that you will be so confortable during a flight, that you might feel like sitting over grass, then, we should see clouds outside the windows. An I don´t know how nice end confortable it would be for a passenger to sit over rocks. I feel I might be missing something.

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Jaap Grolleman
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perfect idea since they want to show you got a lot of space in the airplane, but what they pictured here is a boat with airplane windows... or a hijacked airplane

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I think this is effective - it's a very easy idea to understand and it gets the point across nicely.

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Go ahead. Now, make this a 20 ad campgn! Just go pasting windows across anything you feel like.

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