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it feels like I've seen this before.

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nice gaijin
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funny, it feels like I've seen your comment before. On EVERY ad in EVERY campaign you've replied to here. Stop spamming your inane comments already.

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it feels like i dont like it at all

| Everartz |

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it just the pic of dead tree what about the nilgiris??

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it is the pic of a dead tree. It is also the aerial view of a drought scene.
Dead tree, parched land...see the connection?

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Is it the aerial view of a drought scene?????

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this doesn't resemble crackled earth enough, the other one works better (the desert one)

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Hey buddies, we should remember this: The worst creativity is much better than the best criticism...

Gotta be sensitive before we comment on something... This, I think, is a fantastic thought... Kudos to the art director...

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i disagree 100%

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Way, way, way too forced. No chance in hell the average consumer would get this.

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This is a shining example of why most print ads in this place simply dont work: they operate under the mistaken impression that the casual reader is going to pour over an ad to figure out (1) where the copy is and (2) why the reader should care about looking for it in the first place.

To say there's a connection between a sawed down tree and parched land is a *real* stretch, sorry. There's no suggestion here of "parched land", just that someone has cut down a tree and oooo look at the pretty rings... something *every* tree has, dead or alive. The fact that this one has so many completely undercuts the message, because a lot of rings suggests a long tree life. This would have worked better had the message been something about stopping de-forestation, but any suggestion to water shortage... sorry, it aint there.

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