Save energy, Orangutan

November 2006

If you don't preserve nature by using low-wattage bulbs, who will?
Today with simple everyday actions, everyone can help preserve the environment and save power at the same time.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France
Creative Director: Olivier Altmann
Art director: Frederic Royer
Copywriter: Olivier Camensuli
Photographer: Jean-Yves Lemoigne

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the mighty ham's picture
the mighty ham
Activity Score 94

Monkeys make things funny. Bottom line.

life_joke's picture
Activity Score 103

well... let's see... this entire campaign is... well, like, ok. i'll, like reserve my comments until there are other comments posted.

shrp0103's picture
Activity Score 104

idea seems to be too childish...line seems to be 5.457 feet below average. a circus chimpanzeeeeeee cud have done better execution as an art director.
"publicis Conseil) paris shud hire sum chimpanzeeeeeeeeee to do better job.
it might save sum reputation fr thm.
if they dnt... who will? Lol


ivan's picture

France gets 80% of it's electricity from clean nuclear energy. So we are really talking about the 20% of polluting coal and oil power stations here. Other than that, I think the campaign is entertaining and those who are wildlife and animal lovers, like myself will relate to it.

lara's picture
Activity Score 114

well nice idea can't say much abt execution

lara's picture
Activity Score 114

how abt a living room whole in b/w dozin guy on couch around n a tiger/monkey switching off d TV(showing it clrly thier nail stuck on switches) definately d animal n electrical appliance should b shown in colour

ripster's picture
Activity Score 152

the animal scheme will work always, when made cute. Of course it will not push the frontiers of advertising.

Imho more a concept for a TVC due to actions of animals look more impressive.

the mighty ham's picture
the mighty ham
Activity Score 94

Monkeys make things funny. Bottom line.

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