Save energy, Mongoose

If you don't preserve nature by installing solar panels, who will?
Today with simple everyday actions, everyone can help preserve the environment and save power at the same time.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France
Creative Director: Olivier Altmann
Art director: Frederic Royer
Copywriter: Olivier Camensuli
Photographer: Jean-Yves Lemoigne

November 2006


the.adnerd's picture
160 pencils

too literal, maybe?

images are sharp though

Mtl Dave's picture
Mtl Dave
274 pencils

Yes, nice picture. I like the idea. Not fantastic but it works well.

popdistortion's picture
1592 pencils

I like slave pets. Have got some right now that are doing my laundry.

squirrely's picture
316 pencils

Reminds me of student work but with a decent execution.

anmy's picture
14 pencils

nice,i think it is cute and warm

Desi's picture
1052 pencils

Nice images, but again too literal.

guiding light's picture
guiding light
38 pencils

save energy. don't waste it doing unnecessary ads.

salamandos's picture
1947 pencils

very nice stuff..

RLeroy's picture

They're not actually mongoose, they're meerkats. Cute advertisement though, showing the animals in place of human beings doing it. Maybe they should try harder and include humans helping them!

Mayedo's picture
134 pencils

Have to agree with squirrely on this one

S Maye

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