July 2006
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New Ford Ranger XLT. Coming Soon

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Brussels
Account Team: A-M Vercauteren, M. Marchand
Creative Director: Phil van Duynen
Copywriters: Hans Hendriks, Koen Demaré
Art Director: Phil van Duynen
Photographer: Christophe Gilbert
Retouching: Yannick Lecoq

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You guys are killing me:

-It may seem simple, looking at it in hindsight. However there is some good creative thinking here.

-Obviously there is only one Sun and Moon. So look at that horizon... “hmmm that’s not the same horizon I’ve been seeing my entire life“! “What’s going on here“? What is on the Horizon? Now I have your attention. Simple?...Absolutely. Simple to have the idea and grow it into a successful campaign?...Not really.

-Yes it could be any car or suv. That’s part of the point. Ford wants to create anticipation before the reveal.

Some of you are always saying; “Too much copy” or “No copy needed”....Well?
The copy at the bottom right is not the entire message. In the scene you will find the message;
It’s BIG and it’s coming. A big idea, big announcement, a big suv.
I agree--Yazaino-- Nice view. For going Off Road.
I’m not aware of an ad quite like it, some of you might know better than I would.