Sauter: Sausage

Time required to cook white sausages with truffles
Time required to develop love handles
Time required to accept them
Save time on cooking
Induction hobs with boost system

Advertising Agency: DDB, Paris, France
Creative Directors: Alexandre Hervé, Sylvain Thirache
Copywriter: Fabien Teichner
Artistic Director: Faustin Claverie
Art Buyer: Sophie Mégrous
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Xavier Mendiola, Amélie Avierinos
Account Supervisors: Pascale Mirikelam
Photographer: Tomaso Satori
Retouching: B’pong

May 2008


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R. Rinaldi
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Yum, yum, yum. Good.

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sausage lips, time taken to develop sausages as lips, please tell me so I can fall off my chair and eally start to laugh

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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Yum Yum???
Sorry but this pictures are absolut unappetizing.
That's a big problem in the this campagne.

Remember you are selling a cooking system and not time you can save.

Sausages with truffles are a fine food but here it looks like the lips from an 80 years old lady.

If you pay with nuts you will served by monkeys.

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:) Photography 2 good.

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fala fulani
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Now this one makes sense.

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love handles - lips?!
french guys...

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I agree that all of the food in these pieces in unappetizing. The art direction is very forensic or even clinical.

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there's a start of an idea here - it just headed in the wrong direction. i love the comparison between cooking these items & what happens over time - it just failed miserably in the end result. not diggin the way the timeline is laid out.

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