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good idea but i think the execution is weak & boring, especially considering that that it's serialized.

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Activity Score 14

Boring campaign. Doesn't inspire me one bit. Considering the category, I expect much more irreverence. I also think there are more interesting ways of art directing the copy.

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They can plug into my toilet, so when I shit they can get another campaign idea.

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hahahaha. good one simon.

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Scam Detector
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What bullshit comments are these? Not one of them has any relevance.
This campaign is spot on. Anyone known what Moog stands for? My only comment is that the tagline is too much, that's already obvious in the image. The art direction is very good because it gives it an "analog" feel instead of a smoothened digital one.
Furthermore, all subjects are very diverse. Taking that into consideration, that comment about the toilet is propably the most relevant one. But why the sarcasm? What is the best work you've ever done? Pissing off other people's work is too easy.

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