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That is so wrong! there is no such numbers in Arabic!!! didnt u do ur homework?

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The point is taking the number to the world. And not arabic numerals. No matter in which language u write it, it's still the same number. I like the campaign. Reminds me of a hutch campaign by O&M india, where numbers were written like a signature. Kudos!

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ad gourmet
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The idea is brilliant and the message is clear: "your phone number is the same anywhere in the world".

Sure, it needs a bit of thinking, but with an little effort you get the idea.


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nice idea, but i always thought these numbers:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 are called arab numerals isn't?

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If you noticed, they used those numerals in place of the Arabic numerals but changed them slightly so they resemble the sequence: 15 03 and so on.
To be honest, I find this hard to read especially the 0 which is written as an 8.

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