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Phil Lestino
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Why is the guy farting......? why is she farting...?........does this product make you fart? Oh look they are all farting, how lovely

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I think it's trying to say that the product is like finding your wife in bed with someone. Like the illustration and the idea. Even if it's disgusting.

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it's a very odd idea. why would you shit yourself if you found your wife in bed with someone?

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bla ew bla ew ... wtf no : )

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The ad says you don't need a situation like this to shit your pants just use the product................. FAIL!

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haha that would be quite the funny situation. The ad is taking extreme situations and saying be prepared. It's funny. The only thing I don't like is the product should be presented as the clear solution, otherwise it's a bit confusing.

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Why is everybody farting?

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Fart vs Farts. Good illusration


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akanksha puri
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Indian's are slowly getting better at art

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ek kanya
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sabke paddu nikal gaye? how strange!

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illustration style is good .. but the ad is .......

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