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electric surfboard? oh i guess that's the ankle strap. should probably take that out.

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strange communications, like last campaign... not clear messages ah?

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Okay, I'm curious, because I see this a lot around here. Rather than design a layout that has a kind of natural flow so you're going from point to point, we have the logo over here, the message over there, the image orientation somewhere else.

Is this a fad? If so, can we have it over soon, please?

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Yeah yeah yeah... "Hey you, try to picture what could happen you if you drink and drive. Oh wait you ain't got no imagination ? Let us make you a quick draft." So done and so easy.

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While I didn't really like the execution, the girl in bed works better than this one because she looked hungover. I realize that this is probably a glimpse into the surfer's future, but it doesn't really jive with the line.

Ugh, I just said jive. I'm turning into my dad.

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There are better sollutions out there, the baby one works best out of the three.



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This seems like an ad for a cyborg company. The man looks way too confident and remorseful at all. Anyway, why should he? Others run with artificial legs and feet. Take Oscar Pistorius. I mean its not like the visual, save for the copy, tells us that he's had his leg chopped off because he was drunk.

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This is the weakest of the three. It doesn't communicate the 'next morning' like the other two do. I think the other two can actually work although the copy is forced and I agree the layout is unfortunate.

- The only thing more rare than a good ad is a good guest comment -

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