São Paulo Museum of Art (Masp): Walker Evans, Photos

The photos were so ahead of their time that they could have been taken today. In Brazil.
Walker Evan. The 20th century's greatest american photographer and his historical images from the great depression in 1929.
At MASP, from October 1st to January 10th.

Advertising Agency: DDB Brazil
Creative Directors: Guilherme Jahara
Art Director: Guilherme Jahara
Copywriter: Marcelo Reis
Photographer: Fundación Mapfre’s Collection
Account Supervisor: Daniel Malavazzi, Kim Moraes
Media: Vilma Morais, Maria Angélica Ono
Advertiser's Supervisor: Paulo Donizete


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to me, copies could have been better to relate to the exhibit.


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good photography, layout and copy...

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Reality Check
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Let it be said here first: São Paulo Museum of Art (Masp): Walker Evans, Photos is indisputably one of the most impressive campaigns of 1990. Unfortunately, it’s 2010.

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i sense some insult here... or i misunderstood. anyway...

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I want to like the campaign because of the visual finesse, but the lines just aren't that great.

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true. lines aren't good...

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copy is "ok" just in Brasil, i put " " because some people will, course, dont agree with this "true" that Marcelo Reis is trying to "sell" here...
for me, insult more than sell the product/service
in 3 ads, just 1 is good: that about the camera

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nice copy


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