Sao Paulo City Hall: Tape

Pets Aren’t Something You Just Throw Away. They’ll Never Abandon You. So Don’t Abandon Them.

Advertising Agency: NovaS/B, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Ricardo Furriel
Art Director: Marcelo Maia
Copywriters: Ricardo Furriel, Fabio Ludmer
Photographer: Andre Faccioli

July 2009


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R U serious
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I've seen this copy before... besides I don't see any deepness comparing a dog to a cassette tape.

Say my name, say my name...

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agree with r u serious. imparallel comparision. doesn't connect. forceful. thats the same feeling i had when i saw the piece.


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Phil Lestino
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They should have shown a real dog...or should I say a reel to reel dog..........what the hell has a cassette got to do with dogs???????

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It's ok, not great.

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You take out the emotional factor with the visual. If you can show an animal looking like a thrown out object, it may be good. And yes, it is a bit lame when show a metaphor by writing one's name over the picture of the other thing. Cheap solution.

Marlus Lau's picture
Marlus Lau
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Great photo. I like the image treatment.

art one's picture
art one
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what's the cassette got to do with anything????

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This is the only ad I don't like in this campaign. All the others are good.

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puppy itself would do more (and better)

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