Sanzer hand gel: Doorknob

What you really touch?

Advertising Agency: Chuo Senko, Thailand
Creative Directors: Jak Naiprayoon, Noppadon Shinkhem
Art Director / Copywriter: Noppadon Shinkhem
Producer: Sumith Alansunyaluck
Photographer: Bob Eye View
Digital computer artist: M.A.R.S.
Published: August 2010


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These are absolutely filthy and disgusting . . . and they couldn't be more perfect. The line could of been better but I'm putting that down to translation. I like this one the best. The subway car "hand" feels like we should be able to see it connected to the handrail, seems like that was an obvious lazy cheat. Nonetheless, well done.

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this ad I have seen it but i dont remember


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Living here in Thailand gets me another twist on these ads. You really always wonder how clean the toilets in Asia can be. I guess Thailand is the most acceptable, but still, nowhere compared to European standards.
The ad works perfectly, since it moves you by your fear. That always works.. The uglier the better.

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this is so true, thats why people find it offensive!

personally, i like such work that reveals the ugly truth about our selves :D

| Everartz |

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Jaap Grolleman
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Puts people to think. Lovely :)

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Love these.

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Yes,I have ever seen too.

Similar " LIFEBUOY HANDWASH " that say " You eat what you touch ".

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I have ever seen before.

Similar : " LIFEBUOY HANDWASH " That say " you eat what you touch " .

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i want my hand sanitiser like, RIGHT NOW!

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nice ad guys

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i like it, this is very good, simply and direct

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Shake the hands…

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felt disgusted by the ad so it for me it worked :)

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Thanks : ]

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Good work.

//usevertising v.s badvertising//
C'est une question de vie ou de mort.

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