Santa Casa Hospital: Pitbull

Please don't pet pitbulls.
Don't waste your blood. Donate.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Mariangela Silvani, Jorge Iervolino
Art Director: Leon Valente
Copywriter: Roberto Kilciauskas
Illustrator: Leon Valente
Published: December 2010


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Fresh visuals and approach, i like it


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Nice campaign :)

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Feels very Saul Bass.

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Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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shah wali jan
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nice idea

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I loved the rest of the pieces but this one is misleading. Makes me think the creative team members are not pet friendly people :(

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I didn´t like the idea at all.Lost talent in the art direction due to lack of a good idea.

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I volunteer for the Humane Society of the United States and a Pittsburgh based Pit Bull rescue and education organisation. This horrible ad does nothing but exploit the negative stereotypes of the Pit Bull breed! There are thousands of people, like myself, who are working hard to repair the reputation of this misunderstood breed. Your irresponsible ad is keeping the public's fear alive and setting our work back by decades. We ask that you take this ad down immediately!

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Ducati9s, Glad theres a person on here who knows the breed and doesn't go off of hear say and bullshit... This ad is nothing but negative, iv changed the minds of several people in my community about the pitbull breed, simply by owning pitbulls and letting them see their behavior. The pitbull breed is no different than any other breed, they are not born mean heartless visious dogs..the result of that is people owning the pitbull breed that don't need to for the fact tht their whole goal is to make the dog visious..some of the aggressive dogs though may be a result of poor breeding but this isn't the the dogs fault it the owners, and idk about u but iv seen other breeds with aggressive behavior but tht does mean that breed of dog is worthless and should be negatively talked about bc a couple dbags think they know what their talking about. Try getting facts befor you go around making (acusational) misleading misguiding ads next time.

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