Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo: Bandages

For mercy, use
We miss every drop of blood that leaves your body in vain
Santa Casa De São Paulo

Advertising Agency: Y&R São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Rui Branquinho, Flávio Casarotti
Art Director: Felipe Pavani
Copywriter: Raphael Quatrocci
Art Buyers: Mônica Beretta, Juliana Gardim
Print Agency Producers: Elaine Carvalho, Rodrigo Cassino
Account Managers: Valéria Ordonhez, Ticiana Cardoso
Planners: Fernanda Flandoli, Eliana Yamaguchi, Adriano Eliezer
Media: Gustavo Gaion, Marcello Bolla


Shawali's picture
8448 pencils

Nice insight, but the art director was probably on vacation...

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

chriszoid's picture
12 pencils

So so...

andylefty's picture
4539 pencils

Not getting this.

Rose Abraham's picture
Rose Abraham
62 pencils

The main concept isn't bad at all.. The execution on the other hand could be a lot better.

Wordfruit's picture
1023 pencils

Doesn't really strike a chord with me.

I think the line "We miss every drop of blood that leaves your body in vain" is too bookish.

MicheleVirgilio's picture
2617 pencils

good concept. not the art direction

kleenex's picture
36314 pencils

not great execution.

Divyashree Mangalorkar's picture
Divyashree Mang...
18 pencils

I like the product.. not the ad.. could have been better.. the bent finger is not all that visible.. The tag line doesn't go with their Selling proposition..

SuperAndrew's picture
99 pencils

regular idea e bad execution

Peter Frank's picture
Peter Frank
532 pencils

Worst campaign in this year.

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