Santa Casa de Curitiba: Whirlwind

Our patients need heroes to save them. Donate blood. Santa Casa de Curitiba.

Advertising Agency: Bronx Comunicação, Brazil
Creative Director: Alexandre Silveira
Art Director: Rafael Guth
Copywriters: Fabio Duarte
Illustrator: Alopratoons
Published: January 2011


bakamono's picture
1004 pencils

Bad, bad as the rest. Give me the job I can do this better.

because therefore it is

aplloky's picture
37 pencils

No you can't. I've seen your portfolio.

Boxey's picture
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That makes two of us.

bakamono's picture
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There is no emotion in this one, the art is great don`t get me wrong. Yet look at the girl she is almost smiling and her legs, looks like she is splashing in the water, like kids do in summer time on the river or beach. No distress no urgency no nothing, but great art.

Then ask your self are you feeling sorry and sad enough to give blood?

because therefore it is

bakamono's picture
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P.S. Thanks for the criticism it is exactly what I wanted.

because therefore it is

Vingy's picture
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Art is really greta, love the comic book reference but to be honest the concept is really lame

deedeedead's picture
26 pencils

I like the ideat, but I´m not sure if the execution makes justice to the concept

shahidali's picture
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You need blood. Not the blood of an playstation player.
The arousal of emotion is a distant possibility. Tried to be melodramatic. Should have been simple.


zahir89's picture
20 pencils

yes aplloky
he is bad artist bakamono me too i see he's portfolio exactelly environnement and food you are very very far away to this ad

jackblack's picture
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Sorry guys. Just not great.

fotdot's picture
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Idea not good.

luispiter's picture
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i like the art direction

kulago's picture
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Art direction is not working missing the drama... illustration is great

bruno.regalo's picture
55 pencils

Great job Guys.
Nice illustration.
Excellent and creative
way to promote
something so delicate.

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