Sanofi Aventis: Tossing and Turning all night?

Tossing and Turning all night?

Advertising Agency: Geller Nessis | Publicis, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Chief creative director: Rony Schneider
Creative Director: Tal Bigelman
Art Director: Moran Kal
Copywriter: Asaf Tamir
Photographer: Ariel Van Straten
Executive account manager: Saar Naim
Account managers: Moran Heirnrich, Efrat Gorni
Published: September 2011

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look good to me.

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Alright, my first pencil! ... Can someone point me in the direction of the sharpener?

I really enjoy jokes that show awkward poses and then attribute them with a jokey name, but it certainly isn’t anything new to advertising. (This is fine with me because I feel this ad is a “worker”. Besides, the creative aspect of the ad isn’t the concept but the different poses and names attributed to them.)

That being said, I think the “Wrap it up” pose with the man lying straight up and down is a little risqué. I think we’re all aware that “wrap it up” is a colloquialism for putting a condom on, so this can be interpreted as being a little irresponsible.

Also, the clock should increment in chronological order. I don’t really understand why the time goes from 1:49 – 1:36 – 1:18 – 12:57 – 12:51 – 2:32, etc but it really offends my OCD.

6/10. The ad made me chuckle, 'wrap it up' is a little racy, but the clock is totally unforgivable.

Any thoughts?

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Oh wait! I think this was a little ignorant of me. Just noticed it was from Israel.. The time is reading right to left! Oops, Sorry!

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Cute idea.


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Roger Keynes
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Sorry, not feeling this. Over cooked. And the art direction at the bottom... :(

Will Think for Salary

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I like the idea not so much the execution

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Love the wall climbing!


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good posture nice

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