Sanlam Glacier: Etching

Turn new money into old money.
Our financial experts will create the perfect solution to help grow your wealth and maintain it for generations to come. For more information visit

Agency: The Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Livio Tronchin
Art director: Jamie Mietz
Copywriter: Jonathan Commerford
Photographer: Justin Polkey


Rog's picture
6094 pencils

So SHOW us "our generations to come".

That might help. (I need a lie down.)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

Punker's picture
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This is weak for Jupiter. The sports car in the pic doesn't go with an old etching... the idea is there but they needed to go forward in time not backwards..

Stigset's picture
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Is it me or is the perspective all wrong in this one ? it seems weird

chintan ruparel's picture
chintan ruparel
1516 pencils took me long to get it it is -

by showing a pair of sunglasses, swanky watch n a new car in these old objects, they're mixing d new n old...

n old as in new money will b preserved 4 generations 2 come, so then it'll be old (in d preserved sense)...get it?

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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me thinks
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Not for me.

Tim Weasle's picture
Tim Weasle
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You never see good wallpaper in ads anymore.

Dick Huges's picture
Dick Huges
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that is so true. And if you check the wallpaper in the room in the back is even worse.

drizae's picture
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What is with that wallpaper turning up everywhere.

Fail Harder.

Rog's picture
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Ever get so bored, you start looking for negative images in wallpaper like that?!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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