San Juan Yachts: Your Signature

Every masterpiece deserves a signature. Yours.
San Juan Yachts. The art of boat building.

Advertising Agency: Animal, San Diego CA, USA
Creative Directors: Kiumars Gourki
Art Director: Kiumars Gourki
Copywriter: David Keepper, Eric Husband
Illustrator: Kiumars Gourki
Photographer: Neil Rabinowitz
Account supervisor: Kate Sheahan
Image retouching: Kevin Johnston
Printing/Printing: Steve Woods
Published: September 2006


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very nice. i like these

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The art-direction feels a little disjointed to me. I would have like to see only one photo.

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Yep. Right on, K-Rocka. Or, at least, if they really wanted to use 2 photos, they could have done it differently...

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Yeah, I thought it was an ambient with a reveal. But then again, I am dumb.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Yeah, but don't let that stop you... ;D

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Nice and admirable attempt at recreating what's been coming out of those Minneapolis shops for years...
But that isn't to say I have a low opinion of this campaign. I think it's right on strategy. Still works just fine. But very formulaic. I think it's a case of "if it ain't broke"...
I once worked on a recreational boating engine ads (in Minneapolis, of course) and we'd have a field day coming up with a bunch of cool and clever lines...
But my favorite boat ad headline still remains: "Is it possible the road to heaven isn't a road at all?" I didn't write it. Someone at Carmichael did. And that someone got very famous.

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This campaign has great copy.

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