San Francisco Zoo: Owl

Boo at the Zoo. San Fransisco's spookiest Halloween party returns October 31.

Advertising Agency: BBDO West, San Fransisco, USA
Executive Creative Director: Jim Lesser
Associate Creative Director: Neil Levy
Art Director: Allison May
Copywriters: Neil Levy
Agency Print Producer: Erica Jensen
Retouch: XYZ San Francisco

May 2016


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creo que se parece a una que ya colgaron hace unos dias no??

[ ]

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ouchh! what came first?

mayday mayday, Joelapompe

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Well these are better executed and in this issue of Archive. ???

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Execution #3, so far. Is there a night-animal fetish lately?

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Well. this made me smile....

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Wow, how many times are we going to see the same sort of ad.

Too many cooks in the kitchen....

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these are great. they were also in the latest edition of archive. seeing that archive takes like 5 months to select artwork and if you looked at the published date of i think these ran first.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Obviously, you pay NO attention whatsoever to other people's posts.
Were you the only child in the family?

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Neil Levy
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neil levy
what can i say? ours are well over a year old. if you're a creative and reading this, you know how it works: you create the ads. you present them. the client buys off on the concept. you execute the ads. then they run. then you have to wait until the next year to enter them into stuff/shows etc. sometimes it happens where you come up with an idea but someone else beats you to it. we've all been there. and it can really suck. in this case, i think we were got there first. but sometimes, you're not. so you think "oh shit.." and you say "well, time to come up with something new." and you go back to the notebook and do. i won't get into what version is better (because obviously i'm a little biased toward our ads) but the important thing (and the reason i think this forum exists) is to show people what's being done around the world. and in the process show people how others solve problems.
be well and thanks for reading my two cents,

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The concept and ad is strong visually.good work

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idea is old just turn in new topic

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Disco Munky
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Haven't we just seen this idea?

Like it though. More natural than the other execution, which I think have been linked near the top of the page.

Doin' it for the points

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