San Francisco SPCA: Cat Lady

Sorry People, our hospital is just for pets.
With over a dozen extraordinary vets working in a state-of-the-art facility, our hospital provides the very best in animal care — from wellness exams to urgent care, surgeries and more. And all proceeds go to help local animals in need.

Advertising Agency: G2, San Francisco, USA
Creative Director: Lotus Child
Art Director: Karen Farrell
Copywriter: Marissa Langman
Retouching: Steve Lauria
Photographer: Barry Robinson
Additional credits: Paulina Schipke, Courtney Cochrane, Shannon O'Malley, Rian O'Neill
Published: July 2012


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I fully agree on all three ads.

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I feel sorry for the company who paid for this ad.

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Ew, so wrong. Love the Creative Director's name though.

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Lol these are terrible.

I dunno. are people in USA clamouring to get into hospitals???

Ha ha ha ha ha ha simply ridiculous

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well maybe 'cause if you have not a Health Insurance they don't heal you?

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