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New Mazda RX-8. 231 hp.

This is one good idea. And just one ad. Not a campaign. I'm so happy to see that JWT Paris managed to fight off the big and scary cookie cutter monster and didn't do an LA and Monaco version of this ad with different dudes standing on the side of the road.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Paris, France
Creative Director: Pascal Manry, Andrea Stillacci
Copywriter: Vincent Pedrocchi
Art Director: Xavier Beauregard
Photographer: Vincent Dixon

July 2006


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That's it! Bravo!

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Nice one. (Not super).

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MADE in the USA
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Nicely done, Good execution, Witty.

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Ad Fanatic who ...
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It just makes people go "Why didn't I think of that!?"... I am so ashame that I used to worked on the same account for a year and never been able to come up with something this good. Brilliant work JWT, Paris!

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It's amazing... One of the best... This is advertising... :)

Simple and strait no layers... Smart and new.

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cos the new Mazda is too fast so you need to have a big sign to make the driver see it. :)

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The frame is not taking from the car... :)

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MADE in the USA
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Tero Ylitalo
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Have to admit that I didn't get it either. However, if the car is so fast that the driver couldn't see a smaller sign, then one could ask if the driver is able to see the actual hitchhiker himself? This would only left the driver seeing an enormous sign, nothing else --> no connection.

Like said, I still don't quite see the brilliance of the idea here.

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Thank you... this is it.

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Took me a second but it was worth it. F'n amazing.

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Nopes I din get it either - for minutes - and the more I read the comments as I scrolled down to find the answer - the more I was convinced that this ad is really really vague!!! Sorry guys I would never have wasted my money publishing this!!!

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MADE in the USA
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It might be the location of a person that causes some confusion. There’s a chance that some of you have never seen a person trying to hitch a ride with a cardboard sign on the highway. Hell cardboard isn’t even called cardboard in China.
I also am aware that in France it is forbidden to say in an ad, an automobile is ‘fast”.
This ad makes a nice statement of speed without saying it.

To refer to a piece of work as a failure because it fails to impress due to being too vague is your personal opinion. Due likely from a lack of sight, and has nothing to do with the actual work.

I’m sure that proceeding such statements with qualifiers such as “in my opinion” or “I think”, would go along way in helping a person express how they feel without causing themselves to look as if they don’t get it, however are too full of themselves to know it.

Clarity is in the eye of the beholder.

This work is absolutely not vague to me. I got it immediately. Simply because some are slower to respond does not mean everyone is.
This doesn’t look like student work. (in my opinion).
\ ; )


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I have to agree with made in the usa. you even get it without knowing the product. i knew it had to be a car ad. great ad and the idea can be expanded into a campaign with ease. sadly though it is the best work of jwt on this site i've seen until now. not really doing good ads over the past months.

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Good stuff! The idea of speed is very clear (to me)
and there's great potential in this concept.

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This has long been a favourite of mine. Imagine, an camaker that doesn't have to see their sheet metal in the ad! Does such a client really exist? ;)

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