Samsung WF338AAB: Dirt

Advertising Agency: FP7, Doha, Qatar


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scaaaaaammmmmm #3


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FP-7 awards (so far)... aramex is also complaining about the scam:

For more info about FP7 check international sites such:

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Dear Guests,

I do agree that this campaign has created lots of fuzz. But then, one has to agree that it's a good idea very well executed.

Secondly, do you think all the works that win the Cannes, D&AD, One Show, Clio, LIA, or any other festivals for that matter, are all done for their existing clients. Be ruthlessly honest guys.

Ok, b4 I continue further, let me make one thing clear. I'm neither an FP7 supporter, nor a supporter of scams. All I ask all those who post ur comments is to be rethink before throwing shit on others.

Honestly tell me, haven't you ever cribbed that your client is not approving your genius of an idea? Some of you might be working in much evolved markets like the United States or so. But take any other part of the world, they have problems with getting client approvals. Which makes them do scams.

Having said that, let me again reiterate that I don't support scammers. All I'm asking you is to be truthful to yourself, and them slam others.

One more thing, if you think why somebody gets into doing scams, it's purely seeking recognition. That's about it. If you're at an executive creative director level or even if you're a creative director, honestly tell me if someone has a fantastic work in his/ her portfolio, but hasn't won the so called Cannes and other metals, would you hire him/ her? Would you pay him better? Obviously not, right?

This is what is the primary reason for someone doing scams.

So either learn to appreciate talent without counting the number of metals. If you can't please don't don't throw shit on others like what the entire region is doing about FP7.

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Really nice!!!

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Dont know whether you are truely David Abbot or not, haha but hey you are absolutely right!

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done, even got prizes year ago in Chile, I would say 7 years ago.

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While I partly agree with the so called "David Abbot" about his stance with scams, I must argue that he is not being completely honest with himself. Yes, this market is not as evolved as the rest of the Western world. I have worked on both sides and experienced the trials and tribulations of client worries. That being said, I have also sold some of the most abstract and unique ideas to conservative clients on both sides of the world because the creative stuck out and it was on strategy. Yes, the idea above is a clever, well-executed idea. When I first saw this ad about a month back, I said, "wow! wish I did it!"

Most of the work that we see in the award shows are ghost ads, but that is as far as they go. The majority of the work that we saw at the Dubai Lynx was all stolen and a tremendous let down to the few agencies that produced and submitted good, honest and CLIENT APPROVED work. I stress client approved because it is a key factor in creating proactive work. If you're client doesn't know about it, then what purpose does it serve aside from feeding your selfish ego. God knows we have enough of those in this industry.

I have nothing against ghost ads, I believe that creatives have to take these measures to get recognized just as you mentioned, but to STEAL an idea and claim it as your own is just dishonest and shameful. We have a name for unoriginal people like that in this industry. They're called HACKS!

My point is very simple, seeking recognition in this industry is always an uphill battle, especially in the MENA region. While the rest of the world is evolving in this industry, we are still learning. Trying to grab attention to this part of the world is a good thing. Unfortunately, agencies like FP7 are attracting the wrong attention and I don't only point my finger at them. Their are other agencies in the MENA region as well that practice unethical code of advertising, FP7 just happened to get caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

So, Mr. David Abbot, I have to disagree with your post. Scams are scams and I would never reward or hire any creative for such a disgusting act. These ads, much like the rest of FP7's work is stolen and judging by a guests post on Sun, April 5th, they have been down by a Chilean agency 7 years ago. Why am I not surprised. The UPS/Aramex ad copy is another example and the list goes on and on. Stealing other peoples work is a shameful act and doesn't get you credit in this industry. In fact, it hinders your ability to move up in the advertising world and generates negative publicity for your agency and the region. While the boys and girls at FP7 may be thinking twice about their actions, the honest agencies in this region are left picking up the pieces. Our region has been tarnished because of the selfish acts of a few.

May this be a warning to all those who think about copying work!

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that's true!!! Whether i like this campaign or not.
I think it's so bullshit for any comment who still complain which work is scam or not. What's the standard to say it's so creative or dumb. We judge the work from itself, dont we? If this is a scam but it's good, should we blame the creative or blame the client.

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Amazing campaign, i love it, who cares if it's a scam, advertising is art

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love it, really good execution.

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hey, it's not such a great ad, makes you feel sick looking at it.

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haha funny

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