Samsung WB5000: Polar bear

Discover 24X Zoom

Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide, New Delhi, India
Executive Creative Director: Bikramjeet Ghosh
Creative Director: Vedobroto Roy
Art Director: Vedobroto Roy
Copywriter: Vedobroto Roy
Additional credits: Image Courtesy
Published: October 2009


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Good idea

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good idea, good picture. works for the interested target very well.

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mmm not agree, think its like the first idea and the execution aint good either.

If u'r in a plane with such a huge zoom the plane shadow wouldnt be so close.

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trouble with this brief is that it's been over used and at the end it's all about who has the best execution. and certainly this is not one of them.
it's too direct and doesn't make you think at all. please challenge me. consumers are pretty smart especially in this target group.

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I think the concept is fine, but the execution definitely needs some help.
I didn't figure out it was a plane till I read the comments...but maybe I'm just not that bright...


never stop exploring.


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agree with you all's a good work but shadow could be a problem..

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Joy Bangla.... :-)

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in which angle does the shadow look like a plane?

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asking the same damn question


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great doubt deserves appreciation

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great job..deserves apreciation..

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old monk
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chopper shadow would make it look real. you don't peep out of plane and shoot.

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Is it a plane? The shadow is too close and a little weird to be a plane, looks like more a car mirrow. And what is the background? A harily arm? Looks like that. And the idea with the zoom, well... many brands already did that.

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Marlus Lau
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Beautiful picture of a squint bear.

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Idea is ok, problem with shadow

hey bikramjeet, didn't u show it to pratap ?


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Hmmnn, same idea, done by some ad agency in Malaysia, for Satellite Tracking Device for Dog. Won a few major shows as well. Come on guys! This is lame, compared to the original.

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not much powerfull :-/

!! जय श्रीराम !!

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what's the point?

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