Samsung: Spolier Alert

Spoiler alert: it's awesome. Galaxy Note 8.0. Limitless possibilities on the go.

We did a movie theatre take-over in multiple locations across Canada to promote the launch of the Galaxy Note 8.0. These are three from the campaign of 9 that showcase the device features in a way movie goers can relate too.

Advertising Agency: Cheil, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Jason Partridge
Copywriters: Brook Johnston, Scott Lew
Art Director: Donald Vann
Design + Studio Director: Joe Borges
Retoucher: Nestor Mercado

May 2013


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Congrats to the accounts that managed to sell such a horrible campaign

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Ok so it's not a very well-thought out campaign. But what kills me most is the line break on this one. I read: "Greasy Popcorn..........Fingers Compatible". I had to re-read like three times until it made sense. Come on Art Director!

And yes, it is a lazy campaign.

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just ok

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