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At the end of the day, it's all about relevance. Who's your target market? Identify them and SPEAK TO THEM. Not to your fellow ad men! The reason why everything looks like a damn scam is because we're trying to prove to each other just how "clever" we can be. You're missing the bloody point.

Take this print ad O&M Singapore did for a brand of sanitary pads or tampons - it featured a bomb squad robot delivering a box of tampons to a house because it was "that time of the month" for the female occupant. It might have undeservedly won a couple of awards at AdFest, but did you know majority of women didn't get the ad at first? Who's the target audience here? It simply wasn't relevant to whom they were trying to talk to.

That's exactly what this Samsung campaign is doing - it has failed to speak to the right audience. Plus, the product benefit (stain removal) doesn't tie in with the product's selling point (1,300rpm spinning speed). While it looks good, an ad that not only doesn't make sense but targets the wrong people as well is a total waste of time and effort.

Remember people - be relevant, be insightful, be original and most of all, don't alienate your audience! It's never okay to pass a creative wank off as a bona fide ad.

I have the greatest respect for real work that win the heavy metals and absolutely spit on agencies that hire creative teams to work specifically on scam ads. It is because it's so damned hard to produce award-winning work with real clients that makes it so rewarding and gratifying when you see that Pencil or Lion. Where's the pride when that piece of metal in your hand was won because you copped out and took the easy way out?