Samsung MP3 Player: Opera

Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide, Seoul, Korea
Creative Director: Joungrack Lee
Art Director: Jaewon Choi
Photographer: Junghoe Kim
Published: February 2008


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The third.

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john doe
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someone noticed.

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Did anyone art direct this? I mean, look at the tenor's head, it's huge. Plus he's just magically levitating there. Or maybe that's a wire up his ass.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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A. Bremel

He is plugged into the ear. Not levitating.

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well done. Good attention! Good visual message.

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I prefer this to the RCA one though... funnier series. :D

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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"Yes i've had it in the ear before" - Iggy Pop

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Debasis Mata

Quite old concept! I had seen a ad in similar concept. So think something better of it

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Guest commenter

Yes, the idea is done, but I like this execution better. Hilarious lol

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this is nice, hey can you show which ad are you talking about so that I can compare with this one
thanks, I think this is a brilliant idea good luck guys

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Has anyone seen these ad posted or know where this might have been posted? print only in magazine's or billboards do you think?

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Nicely Done. Speaks for itself.

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I totally love this. Nicely done.

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