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Why does it look as though this is a midget?

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Who said it isn't.. If you look closely you can find his gold
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Because the arm farthest from us looks very small compared to the head and torso. Could be a camera-angle or lens issue or it could be some strangely-inspired photoshop work.


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According to the other similar ads, if the idea was to portrait AC/DC's vocalist Brian Johnson I think the final result reminds me more Danny DeVito.

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Exactly...my point was. He's not a midget and it looks like he is here.

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How Original!!

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Still basic... but I guess this would be a useful tool for playback performance, for the Milli Vanilli reunion maybe... (Damn... One of the dudes is dead, I remember).

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i think his {or better to say: its} head is about to burst because of the terrible sound.
that's the anatomically correct size of a head that is about to burst so i guess there's nothing wrong with this one.

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