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i can't folow this campaign.
the art dirction and the visual are ok but the idea is not there

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Muy buena produccion fotografica. Excelente iluminacion. En seleccion tipografica muy pobre.
En idea interesante, mas no se ve reflejado en la direccion de arte. Teniendo un concepto como este
deberia explorarse justamente eso "Obra de Arte".

Una buena idea puede caer terriblemente en una ejecucion grafica mal seleccionada.

"no silencies lo que no sabes expresar".

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Disco Munky
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This lacks any sort of proper idea.
It's all about looking nice but has nothing to say.
It'll probably hit the right target audience then.


Doin' it for the points

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I agree, this idea has not been thought through - that's my opinion and I'm changing it later on if I want to. :)

The biggest problem for me is that they could put anything there - even a news item looks good, even big brother-style reality tv looks good...

And if Samsung thinks Art is made for HD TVs, well, I'm sticking to my Bravia.

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The girl is hot, but this ad isn't

It doesn't fit with the previous two in terms of concept, but does in terms of art direction, which isn't a good thing because that style wasn't working with those executions.



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Yeap. I made this ad and it really get into the target.
The idea was to put together the concept of art (as in the design of the tv) and the amazing sound, colour and definition, which also made everything you watch on it a "piece of art".
Had great results, this one. And yes, the onion is a spanish way to say "it makes you cry".

Digital Integration Director of McCann Santiago

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Just a thought you inspired there, has anyone ever designed a flatscreen TV with a gilded frame around the outside?

That would be cool, because if they did, it would be like you were looking through an ornate picture frame at art.

If nobody has done that yet, then you saw it here, and I'm going to do it.


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All I can see with this looks like art. the execution it's too bad for a great concept.
This could be executed with a lot of great ideas.
For me guy you have the concept. Going to work.

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but a game of football IS a work of art!

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The campaign died, right there.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Bang on Kandi. Football is art.

Another campaign that's taking
advertising down the drain.

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the concept of becoming a piece of art is great, but the executios have a strong lack of coherence.

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