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what's up with the onion? dramatic prop? visuals are nice, nonetheless.

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...Opera is a version of art.

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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so in this oversaturated market of flat screen tellies samsung comes up with a for women only set. seems a bit desperate to me but maybe there is a demand for that.

too bad the big ugly samsung logo spoils the whole art thing.
if the basic idea was that this tv set is an adornment for every room due to its flatness and its brilliant picture quality i'd say there are better ways to put it

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Well, women are responsible for a lot of high ticket purchases. Get them on your side and you've won. Their husbands are gonna want to buy this tv anyway.

Still don't know if this ad woeks though...

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onion? don't get this at all.
and the size of it, huge ?
sorry but my thumb goes down on this one.

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I don't get the onion - I'm assuming it's another one of those lost-in-translation moments, though. Can anyone shed a little light on this?

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I'm assuming that the giant onion is what's making her cry ( cos thats what most soaps are about )... i could be wrong, just a guess. it is kind of vague in an annoying sort of way, though the visual is beautiful.

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Shut Theory
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i got it immidiately, and yes it is what chocolat said, onion, cries, soap operahs, ugly sad and boring... even soap operahs would look good on this screen u just sit and watch just for the fun of it

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Advertising Pawn
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The onion does not click for me... Looks really weird even if I understand that it's the reason she's crying. The "weather" one is far better because far less fetched.



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The onion puts me right off.

I like the concept, but I reckon better executing could have been done.


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In chile, the soap opera is also called "Cebollenta" (as in "cebolla", onion), which means that it makes you cry.

Digital Integration Director of McCann Santiago

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Shut Theory
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oh maaaaaan, you shouldve said that earlier :)

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its a bit tacky i think.. the onion is just a inside joke for the housewifes...
they cry with soap operas and with the onions... theres nothing more to it.
also i think that type is just too much.

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The Soapy actors probably use onions for crying scenes as well.
This ad has the same effect.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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