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oh, my old CRT tv gives me millions of colors more!

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What's the message here? Buy an HDTV now and get a test picture for free?

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andrej dwin
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does anyone get it?

*the best skate/snow/surfing videos and pictures.
*updated daily!

AdArena: Sex Sells

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the test picture has 4 colors per bar, when it usually has only 1. So they are saying that you get a lot more definition with this TV... kind of haha

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And a lot more colour. I like it.

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The visual is striking, but the idea (if the above is correct) is way over most peoples' heads. Too much work to figure out. Next.

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ok, i get it, but you have to really look at it and think about it for a while... doesn't work right away.

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Juan Lanis
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Me gusta

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very nice.

it's instant get.
come on people.


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HD no tiene q ver con cantidad de color y si asi fuera, la grafica limita la cantidad de colores, como la paleta q se usa en las web. otra mala grafica de orellana

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stick it

stupids, it's a really big tv so the colour bars need more bars to fit the space.

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Humble Servant

I can see the idea of this ad. But it is just does not work here. It is fien to be an initiative work for some award shows but not the real world.

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It should say "Introducing the new 63" HDTV Plasma"

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