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Jet Propulsion Lab
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This is very good work.
Right on strategy. I like how they used a different approach to drive home the same old product benefit Samsonite's been touting for decades.
Love the way how the light falls softly on the combination lock.

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the light falls softly?

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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See the subtle lighting on the lock in the lower left hand corner?
One of those little minor details in an ad (actually in this case, pretty crucial to the concept) only people in the creative field seem to appreciate.

Obviously not you and Mo...

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That I know..... but that lock is as subtle as an elephant fighting in a sumo match.

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yeah..not so true.

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ermmm... if its THE ONLY WAY to open a Samsonite, then how did they make it into a campaign??

there are more ways yah??

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Yes, there are three ways to open a samsonite ...

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you'll be treated like a terrorist if you carry a samsonite, thats what this ad is trying to say.

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xxxxxagration is in the air

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Totally awesome. Brilliant idea, photography, copy and art direction. See ya at Cannes/CA/1Show/Everything. : )

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simple and strong idea. congrats.

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Yes, I like it. Pretty cool idea..not loving the execution though.

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Throl gud

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