Salvation Army: Superman

Any old clothes will do.
You wouldn't be caught dead in them but, for a homeless person, they could mean the difference between life and death. Please donate your unwanted clothes to the homeless this winter.

Advertising Agency: Lobedu Leo Burnett, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Vanessa Pearson
Copywriter: Angela Collins
Art Director: Yvonne Hall
Photographer: Clive Stewart


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Luz Valdez
64 pencils

Congratulations ....

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1464 pencils

it's been done. the old nice grandma looking lady in a metal band shirt comes to mind. forgot who did it and when/

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87 pencils

find out who did it and when.

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I like it a lot!
Clever and simple.

Jonathan Betancur

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Its very nice, simple and concise!

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14 pencils

It communicates... Wonderful!

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cali coo
24 pencils

relax. its been done in romania. it won awards. its ok.

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drunk dave
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Came out at the same time, and this campaign won a lot more awards - art direction sets apart.

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nice work

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straight to the point! too gud

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Supertramp are contacting their lawyers.

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I find these vaguely patronizing, and just slightly degrading.

I don't think you need to humiliate a subject to highlight it do you?

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agree totally. especially this line is degrading:

"You wouldn't be caught dead in them but, for a homeless person..."
well, obviously it's OK for a homeless person to be found dead in.

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1368 pencils

i agree too, this execution is too much. The bride is great but not this.

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benjaminbrown said it right. patronising stuff, exploits the abject misery of the less fortunate to wangle ad awards.

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36 pencils

so it has its rough edges but lets agree on one thing, it's a good ad save for the tone of the copy- a bit abbrasive. keep it up!

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trans galactic
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This is The COOL SHIT!!! I LOVE IT.

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Harikrishna Bhagat

So what if it's's a cool..simple and effective communication....! CHEERS!!

Harikrishna Bhagat

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