Salora: Non-stop, 1

Non-Stop Music. Non-Stop Battery. Non-Stop Smartness.

In these ads the shapes are the outline of the Indian Map that denotes the phone has a good battery life that can travel across India on a single charge.
From Tamil Nadu to Jammu&Kashmir (South to North), and from Assam to Maharashtra (From East to West).

Advertising Agency: BEI Confluence, New Delhi, India
Creative Director: Ammar Mohammed
National Creative Director: Anwar Abbas
Art Director / Illustrator: Deb Chakraborty
Copywriter: Ranit Mukherjee

March 2013


Gandalfthecat's picture
228 pencils

Wasn't this JUST done by Renault?

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Ad Analyst

The Idea may have strength but execution is too lame. Its seems as the art people was in hurry that it missed detailing.

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