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love it but a pit old

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What is the product?
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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Bank, credit card

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It took me too long to read these (mostly the first one, of course). I think, most people won't care.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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A sale.
Please get it right if you're going to even ATTEMPT to reach an English speaking audience.

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Pacific Blue
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Anyone know the name of this is typo?

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Not bad... I think some art work may improve it, like the emboss on a credit card close up... or actually make them and send'em as direct mail to potential clients.

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personally.. i don't like it, credit card got 16 DIGITS but no alphabet.. why needa put in alphabet???
just to make up the idea???

chirp chirp chirp...

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IMHO, I think it works better with the target audiences. They would be familiar with the brand/logo. No explanation needed. Although the headline is a bit difficult to read. However, it's a bit confusing for those who don't know the brand/logo. But who cares as long as it works for the target audiences:)

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I disagree. Ads are mass communication - as in, MASS. Which brand doesn't want to, or can afford to survive without, expanding their market? This doesn't mean watering down their message - but it does mean that, let's say, you're selling to edgy, rebellious teens, a 30-something should see your ad and think "wow, sure looks cool to be an edgy rebellious teen of today, hmm, maybe I can relive it by buying this product".

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me thinks
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i didn't cared to read...

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too hard to read.

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