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Corcovado my lord! Thank you for existing! Without you no ads are possible! thank you my lord! oh my lord!

( you can also sing it on a cool music)

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I hope that Nm Jiang or Frank Chen are Marquis, the guy who posted his non-finish work here!!!!

By the way, I don't understand why posting student work on the web!?
When you only talk about your work in your own agency, it can be stolen. Imagine if you talk about it to the entire advertising world...
( Yes Ivan, your site is wellknown;-) By the way do you have stats about the countries visiting your site?)

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Yes, "ouch!". No, those two guys are not "Marquis".

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Exactly! And the "theives" always seems to be in China, Asia or somewhere in the far east. Sup with that? I don't understand why Ivan doesn't allow posters to remove their work as soon as they feel they have enough comments instead of leaving it there forever waiting/begging for it to be stolen.

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I signed up my account here just to reply this comment "thieves".
Yes this site may be world famous, but I didn't have the time and energy to browse the whole archive, because I know it only recently. The work presented here is a test whether the visual can convey itself. Looks like it works a bit too much and brings back some insult from a bunch of ppl who think a thief will steal something and sell it at the same place.
Thanks anyway, for now I am sure that the concept of huge amount of hot water creates steam covering landmarks is new and unused, even to the "original" in some ppl's eyes.

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At the same time by posting your idea in the forum you claim it. There is a time stamp on each post. You can easily tell what came first.

Here are the stats of the last 30 days. These numbers are visits, not page loads. Page loads are about 20x these numbers roughly:
Country/Territory Visits
United States 205278
India 58657
Germany 40648
Canada 35068
Brazil 34805
United Kingdom 33003
China 31643
France 29733
Italy 22556
Australia 18315
Argentina 16263
Thailand 16247
Spain 13176
Mexico 12438
Chile 12408
Turkey 12383
Singapore 11737
Malaysia 10522
Colombia 10179
United Arab Emirates 9738
Netherlands 9437
Indonesia 9004
Japan 8540
Poland 8268
Sweden 8144
Portugal 7960
Belgium 7234
Romania 6869
Philippines 6695
South Africa 6600
Hong Kong 6314
Israel 5653
Russia 5454
Taiwan 5119
Egypt 4750
South Korea 4688
Switzerland 4199
Peru 4158
Venezuela 4063
Greece 3970
New Zealand 3403
Bulgaria 3391
Hungary 3347
Saudi Arabia 3207
Pakistan 3127
Czech Republic 2982
Ecuador 2889
Austria 2838
Denmark 2782
Finland 2775
Ireland 2571
Jordan 2368
Ukraine 2312
Sri Lanka 2135
Guatemala 1974
Vietnam 1950
Puerto Rico 1768
Norway 1751
Serbia And Montenegro 1748
Bangladesh 1726
Costa Rica 1721
Uruguay 1697
Dominican Republic 1553
Lithuania 1458
Croatia 1451
Kuwait 1438
(not set) 1303
Morocco 1189
Bahrain 1179
Panama 1147
Slovakia 1145
Slovenia 1132
Lebanon 1090
Nigeria 1031
Latvia 1021
Kenya 1003
Honduras 936
Estonia 829
Qatar 801
Macedonia 720
Bolivia 697
Oman 645
El Salvador 640
Paraguay 634
Nepal 566
Cyprus 538
Mauritius 528
Tunisia 490
Trinidad and Tobago 413
Iceland 407
Iran 360
Bosnia and Herzegovina 314
Algeria 303
Luxembourg 296
Mozambique 277
Nicaragua 262
Ivory Coast 240
Kazakhstan 236
Brunei 208
Georgia 201
Azerbaijan 200
Netherlands Antilles 196
Uganda 180
Maldives 171
Tanzania 158
Palestinian Territory 153
Syria 152
Ghana 150
Jamaica 137
Belarus 130
Senegal 119
Macao 114
Malta 100
Aruba 93
Reunion 90
Cambodia 81
Rwanda 81
Sudan 65
Cuba 64
Yemen 63
Cameroon 58
French Polynesia 57
Armenia 52
Albania 51
Fiji 50
Gibraltar 48
Iraq 48
Moldova 46
Barbados 44
Gabon 44
Bahamas 40
Guam 39
Bermuda 37
Namibia 37
Benin 35
Botswana 35
Mongolia 33
Monaco 32
Zimbabwe 31
Angola 29
Martinique 28
Gambia 27
Myanmar 26
Guadeloupe 26
Faroe Islands 25
Burkina Faso 25
Togo 23
Zambia 22
Cayman Islands 21
Libya 19
Malawi 18
Guyana 18
Belize 17
Andorra 16
Kyrgyzstan 16
New Caledonia 16
Uzbekistan 15
Antigua and Barbuda 15
Seychelles 14
Saint Lucia 12
Ethiopia 12
Northern Mariana Islands 10
U.S. Virgin Islands 10
Suriname 9
Grenada 8
Saint Kitts and Nevis 8
Haiti 8
Afghanistan 7
Liechtenstein 6
Dominica 6
San Marino 6
Djibouti 5
Tonga 5
British Virgin Islands 4
Madagascar 4
Congo (Kinshasa) 4
American Samoa 4
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 4
Papua New Guinea 3
Bhutan 3
Vanuatu 3
Laos 3
East Timor 3
Anguilla 3
Mali 3
Cape Verde 2
Solomon Islands 2
Turks and Caicos Islands 2
Mauritania 2
Guinea 2
Samoa 2
Cook Islands 2
Greenland 1
Liberia 1
United States Minor Outlying Islands 1
Lesotho 1
Equatorial Guinea 1
Palau 1
French Guiana 1
Eritrea 1
Congo (Brazzaville) 1
Sierra Leone 1
Swaziland 1
Tajikistan 1

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Edison didn't invent the light bulb but he certainly gets all the credit for it. In other words, a time stamp is nice but little consolation once the idea is stolen and produced by someone else. Especially when it's produced on the other side of the world. Doing what we can to prevent the theft from happening in the first place would be more preferable. Ads in the forum usually get the vast majority of comments they're going to get within two or three days. Certainly within a week or two. You could still apply the time stamp in conjunction with allowing the poster (or you) to remove the ad when he/she wants to so that the unproduced idea is not hanging out there day after day, year after year for the taking. It's your site and of course you can do as you please, but since you already remove ads at the request of the agency and or client, why not do the same for the average Joe? Just wondering.

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I guess he would remove it if being asked by the poster.
Perhaps a possibility to delete own topics when being logged in would be helpful.

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Yes, there is no problem with removing forum topics. You can edit your own forum posts. You can delete the files from it too. I removed whole topics for users upon request as well many times.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Thanks for the stats! And hello to Tajikistan!!

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[Submitted by Slashh on Wed, 2007-07-25 10:08.
Exactly! And the "theives" always seems to be in China, Asia or somewhere in the far east.]

Where did you steal this stupid remark? For I'm sure this kind of prejudice cannot be invented by you.

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The truth hurts

Don't blame the messenger Frank. Clean up your act there in China. The vast majority of controvercies I see and hear about concerting this kind of idea "stealing" always seems to inlcude your part of the world. It's a real concern. Deal with it.

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Which part of world seems to you not included in the "stealing"? The real concern is if you charge someone of stealing pls make sure your judgment is out of fair consideration and not from regional discrimination.

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accusations like these are really uncalled-for.. frankly, there's always bad hats in any part of the world. we're all in this ad world aiming to do great ads, hopfully original ads?
like the ancient saying "great minds think alike.."
we've all experienced coming up with similar thoughts that's published somewhere else at certain point of time, esp. in this industry?

peace peeps..

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who's your daddy

Nobody here said that China was the only place that steals ideas. Other places around the globe have certainly done so. What WAS said, was that China seems to always be involved in questionable activity. So sorry pal, I agree with those who have noticed that too much of the so-called stealing and coincidences involve China. And now that I think about it, maybe it is cultural. They seem to have a lack of respect for "ownership" and the rights that go along with it, that goes well beyond the world of advertising.

Great minds may think a like, but it's the lazy brain that will steal your idea.

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Interesting debate.

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