Sakura: Red

Japanese proverb to meditate when you’re eating your missoshiru: “The common man talks, the wise one listens, the fool discusses and the smart man eats his missoshiru.”
Sakura's Missoshiru Soups. Yummy, light and very easy to do. Ideal for showing your perfect health and amazing body.

Advertising Agency: Rino Com, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Fernando Piccinini
Art Director: Marcelo Jelin
Copywriter: Monica Tritone
Illustrator: Fausto Bandeira
Published: October 2009


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The Lion
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Too complicated. Get rid of half the elements.

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I guess anyone who comments here are fools then. hehe

Stop Mediocrity. Start Creativity.
There are two kinds of people in the world; people who like mustangs (cool people) and people who like camaros (idiots).

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Too long title.

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Just an ad

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