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this is a f*** great campaign!! so clever and simple and straight to the point! i love the art direction too. cool technique! one of the freshest things i´ve seen here lately. congrats to portugal!!

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wow - and you just signed up to make this comment!

what a f*** great way to support your own!! so clever and simple and straight to the point! i love the transparency too. cool technique! but not one of the freshest things i've seen here lately. congrats to portugal, uh germany!!

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Now that the above poster seemed to have joined to comment on this I'll have my go as well. I thought this was appallingly bad, it's tacky, cheap and by no means is this well art directed.

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These ads are very cool. Like the "funky" look of it.

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i don´t think Kris got the joke. These ads are beautiful.
Not well art directed??? I would disagree... less is more here, man! ;-)

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Sorry Diogo but you and 'adverteacher' both just signed up at almost the same time. Maybe you should sign up a few more accounts?

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I would suggest the creative team pump up their ideas and photoshop skills. This blows.

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very old


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not funny

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pump up these nuts! This sucks so hard it's almost a black hole.....funky art direction (you tool Castrop)

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Bundy Agency
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This is crap

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Who lives underground? well thats what it looks like, really bad work in whatever they used. Both photos simply dont correspond with each other.

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Like anyone in Holland would drink Sagres.....duh.... And does that poor old woman live under the canals? Does SHE need that portugese beer? I just don't get ANY of this ad...

Never argue with an idiot. He'll drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

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I don't make many comments but this is bad for a few reasons:

1. No idea.
2. Has the art director heard of perspective? Or is it a foreign concept.
3. Terrible idea.
4. Photoshop is this great thing where you can, with a bit of skill, comp cool images together.
5. This was comped in MS Word.

Is this a scamp or the final ad?

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