Safernet Brasil: Grown ups, 2

Some people see children as grown ups.
Help us stop child abuse.

Advertising Agency: Propeg, Brazil
Creative Directors: Ana Luisa Almeida, Mauricio Passarinho
Art Directors: Mauro Martins, Seiki Fabricio
Copywriter: Mauricio Oliveira
Retoucher: Cristian Girotto
Photographer: Quentin Curtat
MUA: Alexandra Hannoun
Additional credits: Vitor Barros

February 2013


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sorry, but this is bullshit at every end.
first, you just took a complete layout, put a weak headline on it and sell it as partly yours. the photographer did all the work before you came along.
second, this is OBVIOUSLY some "hey, lets do some charity and win an award!"-stuff. this might be fundamental criticism, but you try to win awards by using already abused children.
third, this is far not disturbing or shocking enough to call ANYONE to action.
fourth: so what?!? what does it say? this is neither statement nor idea.
its fake, its stolen, its immoralic, and its just not good. advertising at its worst. don't want to be blunt, but sometimes i have to.

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