Over 20,000 mother pigs in New Zealand spend most of their lives in cages not much bigger than their bodies. Help us stop this cruel practice. Make sure you don't buy factory farmed pork, bacon or ham.

Advertising Agency: Special, Auckland, New Zealand
Creative Directors: Tony Bradbourne
Art Director: Tony Bradbourne
Copywriters: Rob Jack


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I think this is better than the mothers day one. I am not sure how many will read the long print in the side but the initial reaction was catchy enough to generate curiosity
I wish some other immediate direction to action were added (Like link to blog or other interaction)

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    All you're doing is making people hungry for bacon. Try a less delicious picture.

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    this version is a lot better than the other one...
    good shot and nicer text :)

    | Everartz |

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    It'll be much better, if u stop eating pork!

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    It'll be much better, if u stop eating pork!

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    Nice headline. Respect. I am deeply unconvinced by the ad and will keep eating bacon, but this is a good headline and I applaud it.

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    Nice idea.

    But logo looks like its for bubblegum or something!

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    good line. too bad the rest won't manage to make people read it

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    great copy

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    Good line, but the previous one's better. The other draws you in and then hits you - at least you have a chance to hook someone. This one turns you off at the first sentence unfortunately, and I'm not gonna read the rest of the copy as I get the jist of it, but not the salient points.

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    Horrible photography. Burnt on the bacon..In fact the whole AD is horrible. type. layout. hierachy etc. basics.

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