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March 2012

Print advertisment created by Propeg, Brazil for Safe Blindados, within the category: Professional Services.

Safe Armored Cars. Guaranteed protection

Advertising Agency: Propeg, Brazil
Creative Directors: Ana Luisa Almeida, Claudio Leite
Art Director: Mauro Martins
Copywriter: Claudio Leite
Illustrator: A Lojinha de Filmes
Additional credits: Vítor Barros

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observant vicky's picture
observant vicky
Activity Score 194

what the hell...

ZeSheep's picture
Activity Score 174

First look...Viagra

Bob08's picture
Activity Score 749

Armored against a limp ironman?

andylefty's picture
Activity Score 4535

Although simple, seems unimpressive.

Rose Abraham's picture
Rose Abraham
Activity Score 62

Uh.. what?

Wordfruit's picture
Activity Score 1023

Do bullets bend when they hit the armored car -- is that what this is about?

I presume the aim is not to mix metaphors -- impotent bullets?

bate_palmas's picture
Activity Score 1479

Oh I didn't get that. Thanks for pointing that out. I don't think it's a bad idea then, just not art directed right because nobody seems to be getting it.

I sent you an email Wordfruit, about your company. Hope you reply. Cheers

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MicheleVirgilio's picture
Activity Score 2617

visual a bit inflated

vote4pedro's picture
Activity Score 4601

This is one of those ideas that you come up with and snicker at with your partner. Then toss it and think of something better.

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 48950

BUTTTT this one made it to the website....

vote4pedro's picture
Activity Score 4601

There's really not much of a filter to get onto this site. Which I like. I enjoy seeing the bad work as much, if not more, than the good.

Vanjaaa's picture
Activity Score 26

I like it... quite clear once you read the copy... Impotent bullets... nice

NicoCiego's picture
Activity Score 1033

hahaha, this one made me laugh. xp

dbor's picture
Activity Score 1455

Safe - no more sex!

Divyashree Mangalorkar's picture
Divyashree Mang...
Activity Score 18

My Internet connection is a bit slow. So when the image was loading like a falling curtain... it looked like a Bathroom Fitting (Tap).. The full image looked like a Sex Toy Advert.. And now I'm confused!!! It doesn't look like a Bullet at first.. It doesn't really go for an ad for a Car!! The concept of using a bent bullet is good..(Yes! Exaggeration .. I know.. But it works most of the time).. But its not obvious for a person to think of that as a Bullet.. and not necessarily relate it to a well armoured car!