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Dick Huges
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bad ad x2

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Kenneth 'Not Smart' Lim?

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Way too easy! Not smart.

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this OBVIOUSLY didnt run, why post it Ivan?
this should have been posted in forum

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Poor saddam fck bush...they hanged a double any hes smoking ak 47 scartching his ass on some third world country.

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so many ads with dictators as saddam or Hitler... every week we have one to comment...

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John Cage

I love humor in advertising and this isn't it. Maybe if the guy hadn't been executed it would be better, but he was. Whatever the pro's and con's of his regime and the subsequent invasion I think this doesn't have a place in advertising

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I beg to differ with the last comment. I see no great sin in using the image of such an instantly recognizable, albeit notorious figure in an ad. In fact, I think if we're in the business of making impact-full ads, that may be the way to go. My gripe is that it just not very intelligent at all.