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se puso de moda esta idea??

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Javier Ramírez
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jajaja...iba a decir exactamente lo mismo
ya van como cuatro ejecuciones con el mismo recurso.


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se llama campaña

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ok i dont speak spanish but im gonna take a stab that you're asking the idea.

ok, here it is. the line is positioning great stories as lasting the test of time.

the execution is two characters out of an iconic fairytale as being very old. little red riding hood is now an old woman, she's aged over time. the characters age as the story does.

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dooooone !

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nice try but expected as usual. a big visual with a twist and three words of copy, that's the done-to-death trend these days. Which is why most of the stuff posted here looks the same. Ads with the idea in the headline (provided one can write such copy) definitely make for something different.

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The idea of fictional characters aging has been done to DEATH!!!!!!!!

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even the links posted above were a copycat! DONEEEEEE

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Ok they got the idea, they were saying it has been used soooooooooo many times it gets boring...

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