Saatchi & Saatchi: The World ends in one year


How many times has it been said that the world will end on the 21st of
December of 2012? It's a good Hollywood script, a great theme to sell
books, and a good oportunity to tell the unwary to give away all because
a ship will save them. The truth is that at dawn no one will be able to save
them from bankruptcy or unpredictable weather.

Everything is based on prophecies like the ones made by the Maya
Culture. In our theory, the sculptor of the Mayan calendar completed the
full circle when he was in the year 2012, as he could have also ended it in

But there is something more within the environment, we are going
through difficult times, and advertising does not escape from it. There is
fear, there is despair. There is a drought of ideas, and also a flood of bad
ideas; there is hunger for good ideas, and an economic crisis is going on,
and again, there is a lack of ideas.

Is this the end of the ideas?

Is the business not as fun as it used to be?

Maybe we feel this way in our busines because publicists are now only
interested in winning awards with adds that never air, those that people
never see and that we all miss so much, and while the pessimistic reason
expects the year 2012 to be apocalyptic and obscure, we at Saatchi &
Saatchi will appeal to love and change. And if it is to be true that we
have only one year left, we will continue on our path to the good, to what
things used to be like.

So if this is to be our last year, lets do it well, lets make it the best year
on the planet, lets make it with special love, with no time for doubt or
discussion. We must do things that exite us, that make us laught, that
make us share, and if for any reason the world must come to an end,
at least it will end leaving us happy, with our hearts fulfilled. And if it
doesn´t end, then it will be a year worth learning that with love children
are born happier, kinder cities are built, and advertising will want to be
seen and shared again.

So, what a joy!

This is the way think at Saatchi & Saatchi, The Lovemark Company.

This ad was

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Bogotá, Colombia
Executive Creative Director: Juan Pablo Navas
Creative Directors: Juan Carlos González, Margarita Olivar
Art Director: Margarita Olivar
Copywriters: Juan Carlos González, Juan Pablo Navas

December, 2011


chuckieT's picture
680 pencils

I could cut that copy down to three lines without losing any of its charm.

DancingDave's picture
82 pencils

That's because you work on grocery store retail brochures. This is above the line little chuckieT.

f10.Sevilla's picture
59 pencils

I agree. Way too long, was a bit bored after a few lines.


CommandZ's picture
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Anyone catch the typo yet?

vlwk's picture
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publicists are now only interested in winning awards with adds that never air,

adds = ads?

Do I get an award for that?

CommandZ's picture
2494 pencils

Correct! No award, will a gold star suffice?

mockingbird's picture
238 pencils

whats wrong with good work of that caliber ?

clearsky1989's picture
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What a bore. What a yawn. My illiterate future would be ex-wife can write better copy than this.

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Mr. Moon
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this is CLASSIC:

"it will be a year worth learning that with love children are born happier, kinder cities are built, and advertising will want to be seen and shared again.

So, what a joy!"

Advertising will want to be seen and shared? Hellooooooooo........??? Can you imagine a Dad on a Sunday saying "Hey son, let's go out and see some ads. We spend some quality time together knowing we're not gonna die this 2012 and celebrate by sharing some kickass ads!"

Don't you know people in general hate ads???

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boring for me

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I think the spammers are pushing up the ratings here.

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if there is a lack of ideas, then hire me bitches !

Abhishek Parikh's picture
Abhishek Parikh
568 pencils

The copywriter should have read some Neil French long copy ads before attempting this one. It neither makes a statement nor an understatement. I do like the art elements though.

CommandZ's picture
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Or some good John Caple long copy ads for inspiration. "They all laughed when I sat down at the piano" is a classic example for long copy ads that are effective..

ace85le's picture
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How about Sad & Sad.


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kleenex's picture
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too much copy.

Saand's picture
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You got the idea, then overdid it. Things that exite us means take us out, or excite us

torontose's picture
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so boring

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Cafuné Copy
16 pencils


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yep boring, it started out nice, but then blah blah blah dearth of ideas, dearth of ideas, what the fuck dearth dude? there always have been billions of ideas around and there always will be, now with the net, you have more chances of catching those ideas and paying the people who think them, blah blah blah, fuck off saathi, u fail

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