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June 2009

Print advertisment created by Ogilvy, South Africa for SA Rugby, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

SA Rugby is proud to support South African athletes and SASCOC in their bid at the 2010 Youth Olympics, Common Wealth Games in Delhi, and the 2012 Olympics in London. We’re behind our Olympic Team, are you? Visit for more information.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Directors: Chris Gotz, Gordon Ray
Creative Group Head: Gareth McPherson
Associate Creative Director: Jacques Massardo
Art Director: Matthew Pullen
Copywriter: Craig Ross
Illustrator: Amicollective

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how many times can this idea be done

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how many times has it been done?
please tell us and show us...

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I am getting really sick to death of people saying "its been done" and "seen it before" on this website. Who cares! If an advert looks good, is executed well, reaches their target market and doesn’t breach any copyright laws, then it’s a good ad! Who cares if they got inspiration from elsewhere, or if just by coincidence another advert on the other side of the world had the same idea?
This is a good advert. Well done.

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Hear Hear!!!!
(and other positive, reinforcing statements)

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I agree. Who cares it's been done before, it's good.

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We are getting Commonwealth Campaigns and New Delhi is still not ready for it....wake up Delhi

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Hooray!!! I hope this is a new start for the comments on this website…
I also hate the "been done" comments!

Most comments here are so negative I was starting to think all creatives must be very anoying people.

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Are you kidding me? The "been done" comment is still used in full force on this site.

Along with "first idea" (which begs the question...which number idea is acceptable to use? #2? #6? #6789?

And don't forget the idiotic "student work" comment. (i'll show you a concept i did in school that ended up winning an international award. there MUST be others out there)

Negative comments are okay if they are valid. What's worse are the inane, unintelligent comments that abound here so much. Comments should be banned from any ad site. You can hardly ever find anything useful.

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I like the illustration.

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what is good can only be called one name "GOOD" keep it up guys

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it will be more constructive, if instead of saying "done" you post the link where this idea have been done... or, of course, write something to improve this piece.

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this kind of comments just have been done before.

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Really nice illustration, I liked it a lot.

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insanely beautiful.. very positive message...

| everartz |

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those who enter "done b4' everytime they see an ad,
they ought to consider that them as human beings have
"existed b4".

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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just write
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i like the art not the idea really...

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Hmmm...reminds me of the China Adidas campaign...

Here it is:


Not all who wander are lost.

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in are day and age there is no such thing as a truely unique idea, every great idea stems from somewhere, doesnt matter if how many times an idea has been used, all that matters is the execution of the idea and making sure the message is put across in a visually exciting way, so i wish people would stop trying to talk down on other peoples creative approach by always saying "its been done before" as if they have come up with something that no one in the history of advertising has ever thought of

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I bookmarked this link. Thank you for good job!,

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