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well done

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wooooooow... nice job.


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But,if the hair is strong,how to easily 'pull' out from the head. And that's quite a number thougth..

.nl's picture
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Why do people want strong hair? (Do people want strong hair?)
I like strong concepts...

njae's picture
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much better than the previous ad. i tip my hat to ya fellas.

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i get it but i don't really like it. like what markchan was saying. if it's so strong, how could it be pulled/broken that easily so someone could use it?

.... the idea HAS been done to death.

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This is a hyperbole. I don't think it really requires over analyzing. On the otherhand I agree that it is a tired concept.

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would have been much more interesting if she was using her hair WHILE it was still attached to her head.

original doodles + creative sweat = thinkingfresh.ca

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I agree with thinkFRESHdesign. Spot on. That wold have made both the ads more credible and put a smile on the readers face. Especially this one. She could have been throttling him with her hair!

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well, the concept might be tired. but the art directionn is very good


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i like it. And i think that ppl do want strong hair, because if u dont have strong hair sooner or later u might not even have hair. Its a nice ad. It works and has a little bit of humor too, which i like.

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