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Since when did Guinness' 'Choose Greatness' brand proposition become 'suprisingly smooth' (and literally smooth no less) at that? It's a weak scam that does nothing for the brand.
Oh, Kuala Lumpur. OK, that explains it.

This ad with it's literal proposition for Guinness probably would have worked the awards in the 60's. When 'branding' wasnt so sophisticated yet, and 'smoothness' was a big literal part of the brand proposition. But Guiness advertising (and branding) has moved away from this literal interpretation (well, at least in the western hemisphere). This doesn't sync (hence a bad ad). The "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait" was a superb brand direction, that was a relevant to both product and consumers, with superb creative expressions of the strategy.

This ad keeps the global 'Choose Greatness' tagline, but there's nothing about the tagline in the ad.