Rugby World Cup

Enjoy rugby in the capital of love.
Rugby World Cup in Paris kicks off in September.
Rendes-vous now on

Advertising Agency: BDDP&Fils, Paris, France
Creative Directors: Guillaume Chifflot, Manoëlle Van Der Vaeren
Art Director: Antoine Mathon
Copywriter: François Faure
Photographer: Cedric Delsaux
Additional credits: Corbis Sygma

July 2007


Pat Bijkerk's picture
Pat Bijkerk
66 pencils

I'm glad that they used this photo for the ad. Not one of the photo's they took 5 minutes later...

stereodeluxe's picture
173 pencils

really like the idea. though photog and typog suck big time.

Johnson_d74's picture
6 pencils

Great idea, great photog... It's a fuck** good ad! I really love it.

Yr's picture
168 pencils


Bauducco's picture
297 pencils

Good idea and execution, but it may cause some rejection.

Wordnerd's picture
6692 pencils

Its a great laugh but a lousy ad! Rugby fans will hate it

back2b's picture
191 pencils

I agree.
Hit far away from the target audience.

B128's picture
392 pencils

Too gay.

lamz's picture
208 pencils

oh yah agree with Wordnerd, football fans will sure hate it!!!

lamz's picture
208 pencils

.. dont they say men in uniforms can do stuff .. things like that?!
didn't they-in this ad- take it steps further, just thinking loud ; P


oshe's picture
852 pencils

i love it, hahahahaha, its a little gay but i love it.


Brainsugar's picture
1624 pencils

Don't worry about the Gay attitude of the rugbymen, guys! Here in France we are used to that. Try to find the Calendar of the famous Paris rugby team.
It's much much much more... don't look for it...

ihaveacomment's picture
18 pencils

Wrong target audience.

unaided's picture
28 pencils

A hit and a miss.

Johnson_d74's picture
6 pencils

You're right. Everybody knows that Rugby fans hate funny ads about their favorite sport.

Brainsugar's picture
1624 pencils

Sorry, but you are wrong. Here in the north hemisphere we can laugh. about nearly everything.
But ok if you downstairs don't agree with that.

Tincho's picture
1093 pencils

Here in Argentina (...downstairs...) we can laugh about a lot of things too... had to say that.

Brainsugar's picture
1624 pencils

Cool! I'm glad to know that we are now 2 countries loving laughing about rugby!
- Is there another country here, who want to laugh with us?! ;-)))

Johnson_d74's picture
6 pencils

It was irony... I really love this ad.

Javi Ending's picture
Javi Ending
130 pencils


msred's picture
491 pencils

the whole hand up the shorts bothers me..

hang-the-dj's picture
1262 pencils

That's the best bit.

If you people find this disturbing you're homophobic fucks.

Get some humour (and maybe a cock) into ya.

resetblog's picture
14 pencils

haha i like this ads.
design daily update | resetblog

Spanky's picture
4899 pencils

i think it works. the french are gay.

lamz's picture
208 pencils

well, well, well.. was passing by to see what happened last I commented,
cool guys I'm laughing too..

this ad _as I guess_ says that anyone EVEN the tough and manly rugby players will be influenced with the "city of love" the atmosphere, the wine, the music and the openness to sensuality culture, therefore, it should be funny ; )

loneswish's picture
42 pencils

I'm going to be honest. I hate it.

Maxwedge's picture
558 pencils

Can we see a version with cheerleaders instead?

mayhem's picture
126 pencils

Very Daring. At least it will get lots of people talking, even on this website.

ManchuChanchu's picture
701 pencils

Nice ad. But the typo n the system work cud have been much better. U can clearly tell that the stands at the back are a flat paste ons

patanjali bhati's picture
patanjali bhati
12 pencils

grabbing... attention grabbing, other than all the literal grabbin shown in d visual.. it clicks.. nice idea!!

jarekinsydney's picture

bold and crossing boudaries, like it, ...guess looking for shock effect based on homoerotic fantasy... eye candy for homo friendly crowd... may be angrying for some insecure straight males... but hope amusing for gay kewl guys... in a way ridiculusly funny as any gay athlete can attest: in the field not fantasy but commitment to sport effort counts... erotica just evaporates...

Jox's picture

Una porkeria!!! es obseno y soez, que asco.

Froggie's picture

The target audience cannot be the rugby fans 'cos they will go to Paris in September anyway.

If the target audience is the non-rugby fans, guess this is a great success in making everybody talks, around the world... Kind of like the MTV of Kylie Minogue...

Mongoose's picture
4963 pencils

I totally hate this, its just soooo gay!!! Rubish!

Make the logo Bigger and the black, Darker!

RP2504's picture
18 pencils

What's wrong with the typography?

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